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Art for Your Cohesive Home

Elizabeth received a BFA in Studio Art - Painting from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2003.  She has attended Penland School of Crafts, John C Campbell Folk School, Glen Echo Park's Red Barn, and the Cameron Art Museum.  She also has a MFA in interior design from George Washington University.  This background ensures that her clients get a cohesive package of design, color, and framing to suit their decor.


Her style is strongly influenced by the coastal setting, which shows up in the colors, textures, and motifs of her art and interiors.  Often you'll find Elizabeth sketching scenes at a local marina or taking photos of the sunset on the bank of the Cape Fear River.

Working in both acrylic and watercolor media, she is able to capture places, homes, memories, and more in a fun and vibrant way.  Commissions are limited, so inquire today.

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