My Personal Art Collection

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Artists often turn into collectors. I think it's only natural, since artists know the process and skill that it takes to create something. When you connect to someone else's art, it's often seen as a compliment to them. From an interior design perspective, a mixture of art styles and mediums lends itself to a balanced home. If an artist surrounds his/herself with only his/her own art, then what motivation is there to create something new? What inspiration are you drawing from?

As you might guess, I have been collecting art since college. Whenever I stumble upon something that really speaks to me, I try to take it home with me. Once, it was a forgotten painting in the art cubbies in college, declared rubbish since the semester cleanout was near. Sometimes it's simply a small piece that I carve out a little spot in a bookshelf, and sometimes it's fairly large.

If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you may have seen my most recent purchase for my kitchen, an original from Daisy Faith. She created a collection last year called "From the Florist Bench." It was an exercise in taking her small florals and expanding them. One of them was called "Your Friend with the Best Kitchen Island." Who was that friend? Well, she will be the first one to tell you it was moi.

Here is a shot of it in my kitchen. Don't you just love how it fits that wall? The scale of it is just right for the large kitchen. And that new table below! I scored that from a friend on Facebook Marketplace! It's the perfect place to drop by keys when I enter the back door.

That wasn't the only recent large purchase I've made from a fellow Wilmington artist. Last year, I posted about a local artist, Ann Hair, whose work I also admire. When I saw her post a sunrise painting on Facebook, I simply couldn't get it out of my head. I loved the strokes with the palette knife, the colors, and the scene was one I connected with. It was close to a year later that I finally purchased it.

In other areas of my home, I have art from various places I have lived. Below, you will see two framed "Sailors Valentines" that I picked up at a sidewalk sale in Georgetown, DC. I love the color and texture that they add to the wall. See similar ones for sale here.

For years I searched for something to hang in between these so that I could hang the set over my bed. I finally decided to buy a freeze dried palm leaf, paint it, and have it framed in a shadow box style. The result was perfect! I chose the paint color to match some of the shells.

More of my collection:

Top to Bottom: 1) A pair of intaglio prints by Lucius DuBose of Nashville TN, I picked these two out in college while visiting family in Nashville. 2) A Palm Tree Acrylic by Ally Hunter 3) Pocketbook print by friend Wrenn Rippy 4) Lemon original watercolor by Betty Brown

5) A Plein Air oil painting by Jodie Rippy, 6) Oil painting of cherries, cup and saucer by Rena Powell McQueen, 7) Watercolor of ducks purchased on a trip to see migrating birds in Eastern Shore MD 8) Carolina Yacht Club Acrylic on canvas by Shade Elam Maret of Raleigh.

More of my collection:

Top Row: 1) A pair of intaglio prints by Lucius DuBose of Nashville TN, 2) (center) A Palm Tree Acrylic by Ally Hunter Cooper 3) Pocketbook print by Wrenn Rippy 4) Lemon original by Betty Brown

Bottom Row: 5) A Plein Air oil painting by