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It's the Littlest Things That Matter So Much

It's been azalea season here in Wilmington, and the whole region has erupted in blossoms. It's amazing to me how such a little bud can burst into such a display of color. Individually, the azalea flower is beautiful, but put them together and magnify them by the tens of thousands, and they are stunning.

I think this time of year can be overwhelming for artists. There is beauty around every corner and we want to take it all in, even though it's impossible to do. A painting every where you look, and taking photos just doesn't do it justice. I wish the spring was longer so that I had more time to paint the blossoms before they fall away. Before the wall of heat, humidity, and mosquitos comes. But alas, the spring is simply too short.

As we approach Mother's Day, think about little things we can do for our Mothers that would matter so much to them. What is her love language and how can you do something for her that will mean the most? Maybe her love language is touch and she's been unable to hug people like she used to. It's sometimes the littlest gestures that she will like the best. In an effort to step up my gifting (read my post about Gifting here), I treated my mom to a birthday trip to Edenton, NC. It was so fun getting away together and spending mother-daughter time exploring a town that neither of us really knew. We hadn't done anything like that in at least a decade, but I imagine we will start doing a trip together more often since both of us had such fun.

In the studio, I have been working on a few new watercolors on canvas. These are small (9x12, 12x12, and 16x20) framed watercolors on canvas with a wax finish. Have I mentioned how easy they are to prop up in the corner of the kitchen? Or put on a dark shelf to liven it up?

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