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House Portraits: Remembering Home

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

This month I'm featuring my custom painted house portraits. They make wonderful gifts for all occasions. Here are some scenarios that I have painted homes for:

  • That BIG anniversary is coming up for a couple who has EVERYTHING

  • A family home gets torn down and you want to PRESERVE IT in a way

  • You want to impress your spouse that you PLANNED a gift in advance

  • Your child is leaving for college and you want them to have something NICE to hang on their dorm room wall that reminds them of home

  • Your neighbor is moving away and you want to give them a SPECIAL memory of their home

My house portraits range in size and price, so please check the website for more details.


If you are providing your own photos for your house portrait, be sure to read these tips. These are really important to ensure the best possible portrait.

  • Take photos of your house from at least three angles: looking straight on, looking from 45 degrees to left and from 45 degrees from right. That means walk about half way from the center of the home to the property line and shoot from there.

  • If your home has a porch, try to shoot your photo so that you can see the porch ceiling a little bit.

  • Send close ups of the front door and shutters.

  • Show a clear path to the front door if possible.

  • Try to minimize the garage whenever possible. Walk to opposite side of home and shoot from there.

For added personality to your home portrait, you can also specify the following:

  • Pets and children in the yard or on front porch

  • Time of year you want

  • Blooming plants where you want them

  • Sunset colors in the sky or blue sky with clouds

  • Highlight certain features of your home, such as the special window boxes your husband made or the ferns you always hang on the porch in the spring

  • Sporting equipment (like a paddleboard, kayak, golf clubs) can be added for fun

So if you follow this guide, you are providing me with the best tools necessary to make a house portrait for your loved one that they will cherish forever.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions!


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