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Hiding that Unsightly TV

Disguising your TV can be a creative way to maintain a stylish and cohesive interior design. Here are five ways to cleverly hide or disguise your TV:

TV Cabinet or Armoire:

  • Invest in a stylish TV cabinet or armoire that can be closed when the TV is not in use. These pieces of furniture often come with doors that hide the TV screen completely. When you're ready to watch, simply open the doors, and the TV is revealed.

Gallery Wall or Artwork Concealment:

  • Incorporate your TV into a gallery wall or display a large piece of artwork that can slide or pivot to reveal the TV when needed. This way, the TV becomes a part of your decor rather than a dominant focal point.

  • I have many frame TV art pieces, which you can check out on my website to get some insight on how beautiful it will make your TV look!

Mirrored TV Frames:

  • Consider installing a mirrored TV frame that disguises the screen when it's turned off. When the TV is on, the mirror becomes transparent, allowing you to watch without any obstruction. This option is especially popular in bedrooms and living rooms.

TV Behind Sliding Panels:

  • Install sliding panels or barn doors that can cover the TV when it's not in use. These panels can be customized to match your decor, and they add an element of rustic or modern charm to your space.

Motorized Ceiling or Cabinet Lifts:

  • For a truly futuristic approach, install a motorized lift system that conceals the TV in a cabinet or ceiling when not in use. With a remote control, you can raise or lower the TV to your desired viewing height.

Remember that when disguising your TV, it's essential to ensure proper ventilation and accessibility for remote controls and cables. Additionally, consider the overall aesthetics and functionality of the concealment method to ensure it complements your room's design and meets your needs for convenience and entertainment.

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