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2020 Paintings of the Year

As we start a new year full of new hope and anticipation, I thought I would have a flashback collage of 2020 paintings. The paintings below are a snippet of work from my Tree Canopies series, historic home portriats, travel paintings, and gouache re-dos of paintings from my discard pile.

One series I worked on in 2020 was the Tree Canopies series. I studied tunnel shapes made by natural tree tunnels and explored variations on one and two tunnel lights. My desire to pursue this series was partly because I like the analogy of seeking light at the end of a tunnel. Can you relate? I feel like 2021 is a light at the end of a loooonnnngggg 2020. Perhaps getting the Covid vaccine is a light at the end of a tunnel for you? A return to normalcy?

I also wanted to highlight a large custom watercolor on canvas. This piece was comissioned by Liz Carpenter Interiors for a client in Oak Island. I love how the colors tie into the rest of the sitting area without being too matchy-matchy. It really was fun working on this large piece. I had to work on my kitchen island because the table in my studio wasn't large enough.

Finally, I wanted to thank my dear friend, Stephanie Lanier, for truly making my year. You see, each year she makes a list called "Stephanie's Favorite Things," and I faithfully read it every year. She lists her favorite goods: foods, drinks, clothes, gifts that make her smile. As I read through the list this past November, I was visualizing myself wearing the J. Crew dress she mentioned. As I scrolled to the bottom, I did a double-take. Was that me? What? My name made the list! Check it out at this link:

Do you see something here that you like? Chances are it's available on my Etsy shop. I offer prints of many of my most popular pieces. In the comments area, let me know what you'd like to see me work on for 2021 and beyond. Thanks for the feedback! Your support has been critical to keeping my paintbrush moving in 2020.

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